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Serial Numbers

Algorithmic Arts MicroTone 1.1.3
AtomicRobot FTP Professional Edition 2.0a
FRx Financial Reporter for Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics Retail 6.5
Focus MicroRecorderPro 2.7
IHateSpam Microsoft Outlook 2000 and 2002 3.2.40
Intergraph RIS NT Microsoft Data Server
Invoice It for Microsoft Access 97 3.1
MiCRoSoFT ViSuaL BaSiC 6.0
Micro Chart v7.04 Win9XNT
Micro House EZ-Copy
Micro House Select Source v298 Part A
Micro Planet Gravity News Reader
MicroFocus/370 Assembler 3.1.16
MicroPlanet Gravity 1.01
MicroSheduler Plus 1.3
MicroSoft Flight Simulator v5.1
MicroSoft Office Professional v4.3c for Windows
MicroSoft Visual Basic Stand 4.0 Win95
MicroSoft Word v7.0 UK for Windows
MicroSoft Works v3.0 MultiMedia Ed
MicroSoft Works v3.0 MultiMedia Edition
MicroSoft Works v4.0+ for Win95
MicroStation v5.00.95 (5.1)
MicroWeb V1.0
MicroWorld 2.0
Microangelo v2.0
Microcal Origin 6.0
Microcal Origin Pro 4.14
Microchart 2000 8.0
Micrografx 4.1 Designer
Micrografx Graphics Works 3.2
Micrografx Picture Publisher v5.0 Win
Microlog Cabinet Manager 2000 2.5
Micropath 2001 2.13.19
Microphone II 3.0 (mac)
Microsfot Office 2002 XP
Microsofit Windows 2000
Microsoft - Office Visio Professional 2003
Microsoft AutoRoute Express v4.0 for Windows
Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ 4.0
Microsoft Excel Y2k Checker v2.1
Microsoft Excel v5.0c for Windows
Microsoft Excel v7.0 UK for Windows
Microsoft Flight Sim 95/98
Microsoft FrontPage 2003
Microsoft Frontpage 2000
Microsoft Frontpage 2000
Microsoft Frontpage 2000 Upgrade
Microsoft Frontpage 2003
Microsoft Frontpage 2003 Beta 2
Microsoft Frontpage 2003 NL
Microsoft Frontpage 2003 Professional German/Deutsch
Microsoft Golf v3.0
Microsoft Internet Cache Explorer 1.29
Microsoft Longhorn
Microsoft Longhorn PDC 4051 Product Key
Microsoft Millennium Edition(Me)
Microsoft Money
Microsoft Money 2.01
Microsoft Money 3.5 for Windows (Deutsch)
Microsoft ONE Note
Microsoft Office 11 Beta1 CD1
Microsoft Office 2000
Microsoft Office 2000
Microsoft Office 2000
Microsoft Office 2000
Microsoft Office 2000
Microsoft Office 2000 Premium
Microsoft Office 2000 Premium
Microsoft Office 2000 Premium Final
Microsoft Office 2000 Premium German
Microsoft Office 2000 Premium PL
Microsoft Office 2000 Pro
Microsoft Office 2000 Professional

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